Japanese Maple in Spring

KaedeIn April of 2007, I had business in Kameyama, Mie Prefecture. I arrived early, so took a walk to the ruins of Kameyama Castle. The new leaves of the kaede, Japanese maples, were brilliant green. I took this photo standing on a corner of the castle’s stone wall, approximately 4 meters above the ground, looking down on a kaede branch and an earthen wall covered with kawara tiles.
Three days later, central Japan was rocked by a moderately-powerful earthquake. Listening to the news I learned that the epicenter was in Kameyama. The next day, I was shocked to see the same branch and earthen wall in a photo on the front page of the newspaper. However, the photo was from a different angle, because the corner of the stone wall that I had been standing on when I took my photo had collapsed into a pile of rubble.

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