ANDY BOONE, for photography in Central Japan


I am an American freelance photographer based in Nagoya, the nucleus of the third largest metropolitan area in Japan and the industrial powerhouse of the nation. Centrally located, the city serves as a hub for air, rail and expressway traffic, so I have easy access to practically all of the nation.

I do not specialize and photograph a wide variety of subjects, however I most often work in the fields of architecture, portraiture, editorial illustration and the performing arts. My clients are both local and national; domestic and international.

For the international client in need of photography from Japan, I offer the advantages of being established in the area, fluency in the language, equipped in both digital and traditional film formats, centrally located, and mobile.

I have modest studio facilities with standard seamless backgrounds and 3000 w/s of electronic flash, which I am able to transport and set up on location almost anywhere in Japan. When necessary, I have local sources where I can rent equipment, such as additional lighting.

For the foreign photographer on assignment in Japan, I am happy to offer assistance.

In addition to taking photographs, I teach photography part-time at the Nagoya City University, School of Design and Architecture, and occasionally at various other institutions in central Japan, such as the Chunichi Culture Center.

In my free time, I help organize the Foreign Artists Exhibition held every autumn at the Nagoya International Center. I also help out behind the scenes with the Nagoya Players community theatre, and I am an active member in the American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ).


Andy Boone - アンディ ブーン、フォトグラファー
e-mail: / tel/fax (Japan+81): 052-705-1666 / mobile phone (Japan+81): 090-3956-6827
address: SAN YAMADA 101, SEKOBO 3-708, MEITO-KU, NAGOYA 465-0055 JAPAN / 名古屋市名東区勢子坊3-708サン山田101