A Snail’s Pace

I’m finally getting the hang of my scanner and better able to digitize some my old film.
A good number of years ago, work took me to the Izu Peninsula. The distance was such that I decided to stay overnight in an inn near the shooting site. I awoke in the morning to rain, and as I got into the car, I saw this snail moving across my windshield. I didn’t have a macro-focusing lens with me, but used a normal lens set to its closest focus to capture this. A low ISO, fine-grained film allowed me to crop the frame slightly to obtain more magnification without much loss of quality.
I also photographed the snail from outside the car, but the results were not as interesting.

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  1. Keiko

    Very nice shot of this tiny creature, which gives me a question ‘Is our fast-paced everyday life okey ? ‘
    It seems it is good to see this photo after we have a very busy day to relax.
    I like the idea of taking the photo from inside the car, also like the nuance of the backdrop and the composition.
    Again thank you for showing us !!


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