Color & Form

FlamingosIn the visit to the zoo mentioned in the previous post, I noticed this display of flamingos. Unfortunately, the scene was rather sad, with the stagnant water, litter, pipes and other facilities within the view. I remembered the zoom-during-exposure technique (also mentioned previously), and closed the aperture down to f/22 for a shutter speed of one second. It was already a rather dull, cloudy day. With the resulting blur from the motion of the hand-held zoom, I was able to hide or camouflage the unsightly elements of the scene while keeping the recognizable form and color of the flamingos.

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  1. Keiko

    What a lovely photo this is !
    - really intriguing.
    I like your photos and this is one of my favorites.
    The blurred image as well as the color is just splendid !!
    Thanks! I really enjoy looking at arts.


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